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Parent Information

Ask a Hockey Mom

Is hockey a new sport to your family? Feeling confused about the process?

Do you need someone to ask equipment, "how to" or "why" hockey questions?

Ask a mom who has been there!

Send any questions you have to:

Lisa Wood

Lisa Wood

Communications Chair

Misty Como

Misty Como

Hockey Mom

AnnMarie Birkmaier

AnnMarie Birkmaier

MAHA Academic Excellence

I am the Communications Chair for MAHA, hockey mom of 4 and wife to a MAHA Coach who will probably be on ice with your child at some time.  I've tied a lot of skates and love seeing kids develop great friendships and learn life skills because of the game!

I am a mom of two boys in hockey.  I have a Bantam this year and a PeeWee.  I have held various volunteer positions throughout my time in the organization and gotten to know many new people.  I started out knowing nothing about hockey as I grew up in a small town that didn’t have a hockey team.  I have learned so much and would love to share my knowledge with you!

I am the Academic Excellence Chairperson for MAHA and the mom of three hockey boys.  This year I will spend many hours at the rink with my Squirt, Bantam and high schooler. Although I grew up as a Rink Rat in ND, girls were not “officially” playing hockey so I was a figure skater. During my time as a MAHA Mom I have learned many things from coaches, the kids and other parents… and I’m ready to share!

How To: Get the App

The Sport NGIN app is a free download for either the iPhone or Android platforms.  Once installed you'll need to add the teams you wish  to follow.  Note - only traveling teams will be listed.  Search using "Mankato" then level and then team.  For example, "Mankato Bantam B".

How To: Add the MAHA calendar to your iPhone

These instructions are iPhone specific.  All of the steps should be done from your phone.

  1. Go to the Calendar page on the MAHA website
  2. Select only the team tags that you want on your calendar
  3. Click the Subscribe to iCal Feed button
  4. Copy the entire URL provided for your iCal
  5. Go to Settings
  6. Go to "Mail, Contacts and Calendars"
  7. Click Add Account
  8. Click Other
  9. In the Calendars section click Add Subscribed Calendar
  10. Paste in the URL you copied
  11. Click Next
  12. Click Save

It will take approximately 1 minute before you will see MAHA events show up on your calendar.

How To: Add a Second Email Address

  1. Log into the site using the same account you used to register your player.
  2. At the top of the Home page you will see a drop down menu with your account name.  Select Profile.
  3. On the bottom left corner of the Profile page in the Linked Accounts section click the Add button.
  4. If the email account you wish to add is not already associated with a different SportNGIN account, click the add a secondary email address link.  Enter the email address into the new field and click the Add Email Address button.
  5. If the email account you wish to add is already associated with a differnt SportNGIN account, enter the email address into the field and click the Send Invitation button.

How To: Change your Email Address

All MAHA email communications for your player will go to the email address(es) that are associated with your NGIN account.  You can modify those email addresses by following the instructions in the link below.  Scroll down to the Change / Add Email Address section.

How To: Change your Account or Profile Name

To change the name associated with your Account or Profile, follow the instructions in the link below.

How To: Run the Scoreboard Clock

Running the scoreboard clock is something every hockey parent will eventually need to do.  And it can be a bit intimidating at first.  Below is link to an online simulator that closely matches the clock at ASA.  So now you can practice at home before you get to the arena!

Hockey Clock Simulator

Used with permission of Perinton Youth Hockey Association.  Thanks to the original authors, Donna & Ed Lawler.

And here are instructions for you to print out ahead of time:

How To: Fill out a Scoresheet

The document below walks you through what needs to be done before, during and after each game.

How To: Get to the Schulz Rink

The Schulz family "Rink of Dreams" is located a short distance out of Madison Lake.

  • Take Highway 14 East out of Mankato
  • Turn left (north) onto Highway 60 towards Madison Lake
  • Follow Highway 60 through and out of Madison Lake
  • Turn left (north) at County Road 189 (631 Ave)
  • Before the big hill take a left and follow around to barn

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