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East vs. West Hockey Game

Come cheer on your team!!  Both girls varsity and boys varsity hockey will play at the Verizon Civic Center.

Mankato East vs. Mankato West Girls Varsity Thursday January 19th, 5:15pm at the Verizon Civic Center.

Mankato East vs. Mankato West Boys Varsity Thursday January 19th, 7:30pm at the Verizon Civic Center.

MAHA Weather Policy

MAHA’s stance on bad weather accounts for parents to make an ultimate decision on behalf of the child.  All Seasons Arena does not close due to poor weather, therefore MAHA does not cancel practice on poor weather days, even if school is called. However, any practices being held on days school is let out due to weather are considered “optional”, yet coaches will attend the practice time for anyone wishing to attend.  

Players missing such practices will NOT be subject to any team rule sanctions.

In the case of school cancellations, all non-district games will automatically be cancelled. In the case of district games, teams must follow the District 9 policy, which calls for both teams agreeing to cancel a game before it can be cancelled.


2017 Calendar Raffle Winners

Congratulations to the 2017 winners.  MAHA thanks everyone for your continued support of youth hockey.

Tournament Committee Members Needed

The Tournament Committee is looking for people to join the committee to help with tournaments.  

Contact Bobbie Bastian for more information.   

Important information from District 9

Please read the important information from District 9 regarding off-ice officials.  The link provides a more detailed outline of the do's and don't's

District 9 has provided a link to the off-ice officials manual for distribution to your team managers or off-ice staff.  Please follow this link to download your copy.

Here are a couple items that seem to occur frequently, but can be avoided with spreading the correct operational information.

 1. Team Coaches/Mangers signing the scoresheet.

This activity is to happen prior to the start of the game (not after the game).  I know we haven't been doing this properly for some time. However, the main reason is to ensure all properly eligible players & coaches are listed or scratched from the roster.  The coach/manger signs the scoresheet to signify that the roster is correct and all players & coaches listed are eligible.  Lastly, this avoids further confrontation with coaches and officials at the conclusion of the game as officials are waiting to sign the scoresheet.

2. Non-biased Off-Ice Staff

I know everyone is a volunteer, but it is important to give the proper perception that the off-ice staff is impartial as possible.  Behavior to avoid while functioning as a off-ice official:

- Loud cheering or visual celebration 

- Arguing with the on-ice officials

- Arguing with each other

I know this seems fairly obvious, but I can tell you we get complaints every year on this topic. 


3. Knowing how to operate the clock

This is another one that seems obvious, but major delays can occur if the off-ice staff struggle with the clock equipment  For example, putting up penalties or clearing penalties.  It behooves all associations to try and give some training before assigning someone to off-ice staff duty to ensure smooth game flow operations.


4. Tournament Rules Modification

D9 has been hearing of several rule modifications in tournaments that are less stringent than the USAH rule book.  Specifically, the "ejection" rule.  Several associations want to ensure players can play each game of the tournament (which is fine), but the language in the rule can't be less stringent than the USAH rule book.  For example, "5 penalties in same game is an ejection" would not be acceptable, since the USAH rule is a Game misconduct for any player who receives 5 penalties in the same game.  Please ensure all of your rule modifications are cleared with Ryan Swafford (D9 Supervisor of Officials) before printing them.

Lastly, I think passing out the link or providing a copy in the scorers table of the off-ice manual can help answer 90% of questions around how to operate as an off-ice official.



**We are looking for officials for Mankato youth hockey!**

*Build your confidence- USAH has one of the best training programs for officiating. Becoming an official can be one of the most rewarding experiences. It can provide confidence you can use in all aspects of life.
*Enhance your hockey knowledge- you will learn the rules to enhance your understanding and gain a new perspective of the game.
*Increase your ice time.
*Do something for the community- As a referee, you are helping the future of youth hockey in Mankato.
*Anyone can be a referee- players at the PW/U12 level and on up, parents, coaches, and hockey enthusiasts!
*Earn extra money- Officials are paid per game on a monthly basis. 

Register as an Ice Official here!

For more information, contact Amy Jordan at


Sunday Night Goalie Nights

Once again TGC is offering Sunday night goalie opportunities to all MAHA level goalies.  Schedule can be found below.

Mankato Hockey Apparel

Mankato Hockey apparel is now available to view and purchase through United Team Elite.  Click on the Apparel tab on the MAHA website homepage and you'll be directed to information and directions to the United Team Elite store.



Interested in helping with STAG?

Attention MAHA Men!  Are you interested in getting involved and helping with the annual Men's fundraiser STAG Night?  

Contact Brandon Graves at or  (507) 514-1167

We would love to have your help!