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Registration for the 2015-2016 Season

Registration for the 2015-2016 season is now live.  Information on the registration process can be found on the Registration Page. Some important items for this year:

  • Registration closes for traveling players on September 13th and for in house players on October 11th.
  • Both the Fall Hockey and Regular Season registration sessions contain a link to USA Hockey.  You only need to register with USA Hockey once.  Just save the confirmation code to use again in the second registration.
  • This year we are offering three and four payment plans.  There is an additional fee of $9 per player for the three payment plan and an additional fee of $12 per player for the four payment plan.  There are no additional fees if you choose to pay in full.
  • We will be selling calendars again as our yearly fundraiser.  The per family obligation has not changed.

Fall Hockey

Registration for Fall Hockey is still open.  You can find the link above.  There are a few important changes to our fall hockey program from last year:

  1. Registration for fall hockey and the regular season has been split into separate sessions.  
  2. When registering for fall hockey you will need to first register with USA Hockey.  Be sure to save your confirmation number.  You will need it again when you sign up for the regular season.
  3. After registering for fall hockey you will need to complete and turn in your Consent to Treat form.  You can then skip that step when registering for the regular season.

The purpose of the Mite Fall Hockey camp is to give players a chance to get back on the ice prior to the season starting.  Generally the week-long camp is held in mid-October. The cost for the Mite Fall Hockey camp is $45 a player.

The purpose of the Traveling Fall Hockey program is to prepare players for placements.  Ice times will include drills to improve skating, stickhandling and shooting as well as 3 on 3 and 5 on 5 scrimmages.  Generally sessions are held weekends in September prior to placements.  The cost for Traveling Fall Hockey is $65 a player.

Space is limited and sessions will be closed when they fill up.  Once dates have been finalized they will be posted to our website and added to the association calendar

Sweet Hockey Training

Sweet Hockey is an outstanding online training program that can significantly improve your stickhandling and shooting skills.  This year it is being provided free of charge to all registered MAHA players.  Players are highly encouraged to become familiar with this service as soon as possible

Sweet Hockey is no longer hosted on our site.  To access your content you will need to log onto Online Hockey Training directly and provide the user name and password you received via email.  If you are having trouble accessing the site contact Lance at  Be sure to include your player's full name and association. (Mankato Area Hockey Association)

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