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Coach Information


2018-2019 Coaches Registration is OPEN

All MAHA coaches need to complete the registration above.  The session will collect some basic contact information and verify that you have completed the MN Hockey background screening.  To register, you will need your USA Hockey confirmation number.


The Mankato Area Hockey Association is looking for hockey coaches. Options are available for in-house or travel. Ages range from 4 years old to 14 years old. Positions are open for head coaches or assistant coaches. Depending on age level there are 3-5 practices/games per week, practices are located locally and most games are within southern Minnesota or south Metro. Coaches do receive compensation (stipend) that is determined on head/assistant responsibility as well as age level that you would be coaching.

Our primary goal is to provide skaters with a healthy, safe, environment and a team sports experience. Nearly all of the hockey players selected for the Mankato High School Varsity and Junior Varsity teams developed their skills in MAHA programs. For the hockey season, we stress the following goals to coaches, players and parents: Fun in hockey and athletics Learn good sportsmanship, understand fair play, and the ability to graciously accept victory or defeat. Develop each skater to the best of his/her ability. Develop individual and team skills, knowledge of the game, and an attitude of team participation, loyalty, respect and responsibility. Hundreds of players annually participate in MAHA sponsored programs. Programs exist at each age level, beginning with five year old Mini-Mites and continuing through the Bantam age group (14 - 15 years old).

Please Contact if Interested:

Marcus Peterson


Marcus Peterson

Hockey Operations Director

Brady Peters

Mite Level 3, 4, & Advanced Mite Lead

Tim Desutter

Mite Level 1 & 2 Lead

Rob Rader

Girls Program Lead

Jon Newton

Girls Program Lead

Maury Burnett

Goalie Program Lead

Kevin Wood

Bantam Program Lead

Anthony White

Peewee Program Lead

Sam Nichols

Squirt Program Lead

Concussion Certification

New State Law that mandates all youth athletic associations to ensure that their coaches are trained on the subject of concussions

A new law, Chapter 90 (SF 612/HF 905), sets into place policies and new standards for educating youth athletes, parents, and coaches on the topic of head concussions. As drafted, the new law—which goes into effect for the school year on Sept. 1, 2011—applies to city-sponsored youth athletics, youth athletic associations, and regular school sports programs.
Starting this September, sports and athletic event organizers must make information accessible to all participating coaches, officials, youth athletes, and the athletes’ parents or guardians about the nature and risks of concussions. Additionally, it will require all participating coaches and officials to receive initial online training on the nature and risks of concussions. The training must be repeated every three years.

MAHA Coaches

MAHA is comprised of over 50 volunteer coaches from it's first year mini mite to it's bantam level. For the most part these coaches work on a volunteer basis, though they do receive small stipends to help off set their coaching costs.

MAHA coaches range anywhere from first year parent coaches to 13 year veteran's of the association. Though we have varying degrees of experience and background, the main emphasis of all of MAHA's coaches is the development and enjoyment of our players.

In a typical season our volunteer coaches will put in between 300-500 hours coaching our youth, and accumulate out of pocket expenses reachining as high as $400 in some cases. It is quite evident that our coaches do NOT do this for the money...making their participation all the more special and appreciated.


MAHA Goalie Coaches

The Goalie Club - Des Christopher

MAHA is pleased to announce that Des Christopher and the Goalie Club will once again be running Sunday night goalie clinics. Des and his staff are in their fourth year running these Sunday night sessions, which cater solely to goalies of all ages in MAHA. For a complete schedule of these times visit the "advanced programs" page.

The Top Two Traits of Excellent Coaches

From the dawn of youth sports, there has been debate over the qualifications an individual should have to coach a team. In a perfect world, a coach with intimate knowledge of a sport would be ideal, however, often this is not the case. The following article outlines the two most important traits a person should have when taking on a coaching role.

Although a coach can have a tremendous amount of knowledge about his sport, the two most important considerations for a coach are:

*Can he or she teach what they know?
*Can he or she motivate players to do what they teach?
According to the Wikipedia, “a teacher is a person who teaches; a person who guides, instructs, trains or helps another in the process of learning knowledge, understanding, behavior or skills, including thinking skills.”

Although a coach may have tremendous skills from playing sports, their ultimate success will come more from their teaching skills. Coaches who want to be successful must complement their playing skills with the necessary teaching skills. Otherwise, a coach who knows everything about his sport will often find himself losing to coaches who know far less if he cannot teach what he knows.

Editor’s Note: Thank you to Sports Esteem for this article.