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Player Placement

Player Placements for 2020-2021 Season

Placements for traveling players will occur October 2nd-October 11th, 2020.

Fundraising calendar distribution will be TBD



Placement Plan and Criteria

Hello Hockey Family,

The Mankato Hockey Operations Committee is excited to announce our new placement plan and evaluation process. The overview and plans for Day #1 and Day #2 are listed below.

Day #3 and #4 will be small area games and full ice scrimmages which will vary based on level.

Key Topics:

  • Day #1 - Tangible data collection. This season the association made an investment in a timing system, shot radar, and targets for shooting that will be utilized to gather this data. This data will be utilized in the evaluation and team selection process as well as provided to the Head Coach of their team for individual evaluations to each of their players. Players will then be able to use this data to better their skills and set tangible goals for their development and can be retested again during the season. They will also have the ability to reference back to previous seasons to track their growth.
  • Day #1 - Open to parents. In an expansion of transparency and good faith to everyone involved we will be opening up day #1 to parents to watch the evaluation process. Day #2, 3, & 4 will still be closed off to ensure a minimal amount of distractions for the evaluation staff to make sure we are able to effectively complete the process. We will hold a zero tolerance on anyone that tries to communicate with any player on the ice during this day, anyone that tries to verbally or nonverbally communicate with any player on the ice will be escorted out of the facility.
  • Goalies - For Day #1 all goalies need to attend the Goalie session from 11:30-1:30pm on Saturday September 30th. Goalies will not need to attend their level specific sessions for Day #1, just the Goalie session. A communication will be made from Maury Burnett specifically to the goalie group.
  • Splits - Day #1 is by last name as noted in the schedule. Day #'s 2, 3, & 4 are by groups 1, 2, or 3 depending on level as noted on the schedule. Grouping splits will be posted on the Mankato Hockey website at the completion of Day #1, an email will be sent with the exact link and they will be listed by jersey number and color.
  • Team Postings - Teams will be posted at the conclusion of the last day, Sunday October 8th, they will be posted on the website listed by jersey number and color. An email will be sent out with the exact link and posting time.
  • Schedule Conflicts - Mankato Hockey supports our athletes participating in other events and understands that schedule conflicts arise. We have tried to build the schedule to minimize as many conflicts as possible. It is asked that you make every effort you can to make sure your player does not miss any of the 4 sessions. If there is something that you cannot work around please contact Marcus Peterson or your level lead, contact information is listed on the coaches tab of the Mankato Hockey website.
  • Players Ready On Time - Players need to be dressed and ready to go onto the ice for their time. Keeping to our schedule is critical for our evaluation staff to accurately complete our evaluations, please make sure your player is at the rink with ample time to make sure they are ready.
  • Questions - If you have any questions please reach out to either your level lead or Marcus Peterson. Contact information can be found on the Coaches tab of the Mankato Hockey website.



Marcus Peterson

Mankato Hockey Operations Director
cell: 507-720-4866