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Hockey Operations Committee

Hockey Operations

The Operation's Committee serves as a support committee to the Operation's Manager in all matters which pertain to the on-ice aspect of MAHA. This includes placements, coaches, ice scheduling, team assignments, etc. The committee is broken down into three separate layers of involvement:

At Large Members: Various "hockey minds" in Mankato that are called upon from time to time for their input.

All MAHA Coaches

  1. Steering Committee - This committee works closely with the Operation's Director on the day to day projects and programs of the association.
  2. At Large members - Serve as a second tier "think tank" to be utilized at the Steering Committee's disposal, and hold no voting power.
  3. Coaches - All MAHA coaches receive an automatic membership on the Operation's Committee, to be utilized at the Steering Committee's discretion and holds no voting power.


MAHA Operations Director

What: The MAHA Hockey Operation's Manager is a full time, paid, position within MAHA. Though there are many aspects and responsibilities for this job, the overall job consists of the day to day on-ice operation's of MAHA. Some examples would be:

  • Scheduling ice time for all MAHA teams
  • Coordinating all ice facilities in Mankato, as well as surrounding communities we may use
  • Hiring coaches
  • Coaches education
  • Running placements
  • Chairing the Hockey Operation's Committee
  • Constant research to better our association in all aspects of operation's
  • Website updating and information
  • Officials scheduling
  • Away tournament scheduling
  • Question/answer support for MAHA participant's
  • Mite Coordinator / Advanced Mite Coach
  • Etc.

Why was the position created? Though MAHA is built on the base of its volunteers, MAHA has grown both in size and in need to where certain volunteer aspects of MAHA were getting to be to large. By combining the major aspects of MAHA into one position we are able to not only keep the organizational aspect of MAHA efficient, but we are able to utilize the position to constantly look at ways to update and better our association in all aspects. With the need for more ice time in Mankato, it is very beneficial to have a position created where community ties can be created and constant attention can be given to the needs of MAHA's participants.

Marcus P.

Hockey Operations Director